Medicinal herb

Medicinal Herb

A medicinal herb (herb, medical herb) is a healing item in the Dragon Quest series. It typically heals a low amount of hit points for a single character. It can be found in all item shops in Dragon Quest. In games with alchemy, it often used to manufacture more powerful healing herbs.

Monsters in Dragon Quest IX that drop this item: Boppin' badger, Dracky, Funghoul, Healslime, She-slime, Slime, Slugger, Sootheslime, Teeny sanguini


Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest IV

The herb can restore a target's HP by about 30.

Dragon Quest IX

Dragon Quest (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Herb 24 G Heals about 20 to 30 HP.

Captain N: The Game Master

The herb (referred to as Magical herbs) appeared in the episode "Three Men & A Dragon" where Kevin traded his watch for it, also when Kevin was frozen he told Duke to pull out the herb, which Duke did, and Kevin was unfrozen.

Other languages

Dragon Quest IX (DS)
Item Price Attributes
Medicinal herbMedicinal Herb 8 G A helpful herb that restores around 30HP to a single ally.

Rarity: Stars0

Other languages
French Herbe médicinale
German Heilkraut
Spanish Hierba medicinal
Italian Erba medicinale
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown
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