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The Merchant or Dealer is a class in the Dragon Quest series.


Merchants have the ability to pick up additional gold after a battle. The amount of gold is dependent on the types of monsters that were defeated. Merchants can also appraise items free of charge. In battle, merchants are only average in attack and defence, slightly better than a Priest.


Main games

Dragon Quest III

Dragon Quest III (GBC) 
Spell Level Learnt
Excavate 12
YellHelp 17

Dragon Quest VI

Passive: Get additional money when defeating enemies. Required for: Ranger

Stat Changes
Statistics Change
Battles to Master 129
Strength -5%
Agility -40%
Defence -20%
Wisdom +20%
Style -20%
Max MP -50%
Level Title (Japanese/English versions) Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Browser/Huckster Peep 0 One item Appraises an item
2 Buyer Muster Strength 7 Self User takes one turn. Next turn, physical attack does double damage
3 Clerk Dig Self Digs up items
4 Stocker/Pitchman Weird Dance One Enemy Steals MP from enemy
5 Shopkeeper/Trader War Cry All? enemies Scares enemies
6 Trader/Broker Body Slam One enemy Hurts target and user
7 Big Trader Service Call Self Summons last shop you visited
8 Millionaire Call to Arms Special Summons an army to attack enemies

Notable Merchants