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The Merchant Town, which has a customizable name, is an undeveloped area east of Soo; it can be built into a town by a merchant party member. As time passes, the town grows, and is named after the merchant in the format: name-of-merchant burg. Eventually the merchant is overthrown by a revolution. The merchant then reveals the Yellow Orb's location in his house to the player.

Weapon/Armor shops[]

Item Price Attributes
War hammer 9500 G
Dragon sword 15000 G
Magic abacus 7700 G
Magic apron 9900 G
Dragon shield 3500 G
Angel armour 3000 G

Item shops[]

Item Price Attributes
Herb 8 G
Repellant 20 G
WarpWing 25 G
BugPowder 310 G
SpiderWeb 35 G
Hide herb 300 G


15 (Dragon Quest III,GBC)

Version differences[]

In the remake, the merchant is eventually released, and returns to Luisa's tavern.