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Mercury is a recruitable monster in the remake versions of Dragon Quest VI. A liquid metal slime, Mercury is one of the three most difficult monsters to recruit in the DS version.


The player must tag up with 20 or more friends and store their Dreamcards in Suite Dreams' guestbook, the Insomnopaedia, or complete the game and load a starred save file. Doing either of these will move the Suite Dreams staffers out of the way so that the player can access a hidden rear door of the house. Moving further to the rear will bring the party to a forest much like the woods in which Peggy Sue was captured. This time, though, a liquid metal slime is zippily sloshing around the area. The party will try to catch him, but will fail. A man who has also been trying to catch the slippery blob will intervene and assist with the catch. He plans on naming the slime Mercury for his speed, but lets the party keep him instead.


Being a liquid metal slime, Mercury carries the Liquid Metal Slime vocation by default, and as such will be the only other character apart from Ashlynn that learns the spell Magic Burst unaided. Unlike other monsters, he also has his level capped at 16. He has very low HP, much higher defence and MP, and innate immunity to most spells. All other stats are on the low side of normal for a monster.


Mercury, also known as quicksilver, is a toxic silver metal notable for being liquid at room temperature. It is used in manufacturing processes, and is also found in measuring equipment such as thermometers.

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