The meteorite bracer (translated from Japanese as Shooting Star Bracelet) is a recurring accessory in the Dragon Quest series. A band from beyond the stars and past the moon, it bolsters the wearer's agility an incredible amount.


Dragon Quest III

The bracer is hidden in the depths of the Isis palace and doubles agility. As half a character's agility is factored in to the calculation for their defense stat, the accessory indirectly increases durability as well in all versions of III.

Dragon Quest IV

The Meteorite Bracer is a prize in the Endor casino and requires 10,000 tokens to nab. It doubles agility as before, but no longer increases defense in the NES version, despite agility having the same specifications in that version as in III.

Dragon Quest V

The meteorite bracer doubles agility and is found in Gotha castle and may be purchased in the shop tiles on the bonus dungeon's T'n'T board for 6,500 gold.

Dragon Quest VI

The bracer is trickier to get in VI, requiring the player to travel to the Lower World's version of Amor once the Flying Bed is acquired. It doubles agility as usual.

Dragon Quest VII

The meteorite bracer is a casino prize in the original PSX version of the game, and costs 15,000 tokens in the "grand slum" version of the immigrant town. It doubles the agility of every character save for Kiefer.

  • Due to the town being reworked significantly in the 3DS version, the bracer is found in the Cathedral of Blight instead.

Dragon Quest VIII

The Meteorite Bracer is an accessory that bestows +50 agility. Princess Minnie bestows it upon the party once they present her with 60 Mini medals.

The Alchemy recipe for the bracer is: Agility ring + Agility ring + Orichalcum

Dragon Quest IX

The Meteorite Bracer is an accessory that bestows +100 agility and is given to the hero by Captain Max Meddlin in exchange for 50 medals.

The alchemy recipe for the bracer is: Gold bar + Agility ring x2 + Lucida shard x3

It can be used to make an Uber Falcon Blade. (Falcon Blade+Meteorite bracer).

Other languages

Other languages
French Brassard de météore
German Meteorarmschiene
Spanish Protector de meteorito
Italian Bracciale del lampo
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown
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