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Midheal is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest

Making its debut alongside the series, it is learned by the Hero at level 17 and heals for around 85-100 HP. It costs 10 MP to use (8 MP in the remakes), and is also used by Cosmic chimaeras, Knight abhorrents, and the Dragonlord during the first phase of the final battle.

Dragon Quest II

Learnt By

Prince of Cannock, Lv 14

Princess of Moonbrooke, Lv 1

MP Cost 5MP
Interesting facts The Shield of Strength emulates this spell when used in battle.

Dragon Quest III

Learnt By

The Hero, Lv 29

Priest, Lv 14

Sage, Lv 14

MP Cost 5MP
Interesting facts This spell can cause damage to Zoma after the Sphere of Light is used on him.

Dragon Quest IV

Learned by the Hero at level 7, Kiryl at level 16, and Meena at level 13, it once again costs 5 MP to use (4 MP in the remakes), and is also used by Skeleton soldiers, Medislimes, Grim riders, and Prima Donna, as well as Well wishers in the remakes. The Staff of Salvation and Power shield can be used in battle to replicate the spell.

Dragon Quest V

Learnt By

Hero, Lv 11

Pankraz, Lv 1

Nera, Lv 1

Son, Lv 1

Dwight, Lv 15

MP Cost 5MP
Interesting facts

This spell is learnt by many monsters, such as the Chimaera, Cross Eye and Cure Slime

Dragon Quest VI

Learnt By

Nevan, Lv 1

Goober, Lv 1

Kingsley, Lv 1

Milly, Lv 13

Healie, Lv 9

Curie, Lv 6

MP Cost 5MP
Interesting facts Everyone can learn this spell by advancing to Rank Four of the priest vocation.

Dragon Quest VII

Learned by Auster at level 12, advancing to Rank 5 of the Priest vocation, and already learned by Sir Mervyn when he joins the party, it recovers 75-95 HP, and is also used by Well wishers, Very devils, It costs 4 MP to use. Zev and High Priestess Jacqueline can use this spell when they fight alongside Auster and his allies.

Dragon Quest VIII

Learnt By

Angelo, Lv 15

The Hero, Lv 18

MP Cost 5MP
Interesting facts N/A

Dragon Quest IX

Learnt By

Priest, Lv 16

Sage, Lv 16

Paladin, Lv 20

Minstrel, Lv 21

Ranger, Lv 22

Luminary, Lv 23

MP Cost 4MP
Interesting facts Midheal heals at least 75 HP, though it can do more depending on the user's magical mending stat.

Dragon Quest X

Learned by Priests at level 22, Minstrels at level 30, Paladins at level 28, Rangers at level 25, Luminaries and Sages at level 26, and Death Masters at level 64. It is also learned by investing 3 skill points into a recruited Chimaera's Healing skill tree, 25 skill points into a recruited Slime knight's Magic Rider skill tree, 12 skill points into recruited Restless armors' Wonder Armor skill tree and recruited Teeny sanguinis's Hikari Mormon skill tree. It once again costs 4 MP to use, and is also used by Drackymas, Kotobukinos, Witch's nails, Whackolytes, Forest peckerels, Tree fellers, as well as Medislimes, King kelps, Skeleton soldiers, and once again.

Dragon Quest XI

Learned by the Luminary at level 19, Serena at level 16, and already learned by Rab and Hendrik when they join the party, it heals an ally or the user with a minimum of 65~85 HP, and a maximum of 85~105 HP. It costs 6 MP to use, and is also used by King slimes, as well as Hades condors, Vodoogooders, once again.

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