Minstrel (or Troubadour in DQVII) is a vocation in the Dragon Quest series.

Main game appearances

Dragon Quest VII

The Troubadour is a beginner vocational class in Dragon Quest VII.


The Troubadour is a helpful class using support skills in battle. Outside of battle, they know the spell Repel, able to keep weaker monsters at bay. After mastering this class, the Troubadour can become a Teen Idol provided they have also mastered the Dancer and Jester classes.

Stat Changes

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 140
Strength -25 Percent
Agility -15 Percent
Guard -15 Percent
Intelligence +20 Percent
Appearance +10 Percent
Max HP -20 Percent
Max MP Null


Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Music Lover Nothing 0
2 Novice Eagle Eye 13 Field Tells the player where the closest town is 0
3 Poet X-Ray 27 Field Allows the player to determine whether a treasure chest is actually a monster or not. A blue aura means that the treasure chest safe to open. A red aura means that the treasure chest is a monster. 2
4 One-Hit Wonder Sleep Song 40 One Group Has a chance of putting one a group of enemies to sleep 0
5 Warbler Repel 55 Field Prevents weaker monsters from attacking the party 4
6 Star Turn Wake Song 75 All Allies Cures all allies of the sleep status 0
7 Platinum-Seller Mist Song 110 One Group Has a chance of preventing one group of enemies from casting spells 0
8 Living Legend Angel Song 140 All Allies Has a chance of restoring a fallen ally with 50 percent of their max HP 0

Hybrid Abilities

Hybrid Learns Target Info MP
Cleric Soothing Song All Allies Restores 20HP to All Allies 0
Fighter War Cry All Enemies Has a chance of startling enemies, preventing them from attacking 0
Jester Silly Song One Group Has a chance of making one group of enemies laugh, preventing them from attacking 0
Mage Cursed Verse One Group Lowers the defense of one group of enemies 0
Mariner Wave Song One Group Has a chance of putting one group of enemies to sleep 0
Shepherd Ram Song One Group Has a chance of putting one group of enemies to sleep 0
Warrior Gritty Ditty All Allies Raises the defense of all allies 0


The Troubadour is quite frail and should be put in the back rows. Its only use is to make the Luminary (Vocation) and then a Druid. It takes some time to make a druid and so has to be started as soon the player clears Alltrades Abbey. However, the rewards are great.

The hybrid skills aren't particularly worth getting as there are similar skills that do the same thing.

Dragon Quest IX

DQIX - Minstrel

In IX, the Hero/Heroine always begins the game as this class. It has limited healing and damaging spells on top of the ability to wield fans, swords, whips, and shields.. Minstrel is a fairly balanced class, partly because all of a minstrel's stats improve each level, whereas only some of the other classes' stats improve on each level-up. Their Coup-de-Grace is "Rough N' Tumble," which increases evasion and counterattack chances.


4 Hot Lick
10 Spry in a Crisis
16 Pratfall
22 Natural Charm +30
32 Sobering Slap
42 Natural Mag. Might +30
55 Tap Dance
68 Natural Mag. Mending +30
82 Have a Ball
100 Natural Deftness +50


3 Heal
8 Crack
10 Evac
12 Woosh
16 Crackle
21 Midheal
24 Zing
30 Swoosh
36 Kaswoosh

Dragon Quest X

Notable Minstrels

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