Minstrel is a vocation in the Dragon Quest series.

Main game appearances

Dragon Quest IX

DQIX - Minstrel

In IX, the Hero/Heroine always begins the game as this class. It has limited healing and damaging spells on top of the ability to wield fans, swords, whips, and shields.. Minstrel is a fairly balanced class, partly because all of a minstrel's stats improve each level, whereas only some of the other classes' stats improve on each level-up. Their Coup-de-Grace is "Rough N' Tumble," which increases evasion and counterattack chances.


4 Hot Lick
10 Spry in a Crisis
16 Pratfall
22 Natural Charm +30
32 Sobering Slap
42 Natural Mag. Might +30
55 Tap Dance
68 Natural Mag. Mending +30
82 Have a Ball
100 Natural Deftness +50


3 Heal
8 Crack
10 Evac
12 Woosh
16 Crackle
21 Midheal
24 Zing
30 Swoosh
36 Kaswoosh

Dragon Quest X

Notable Minstrels

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DQIX - Serena

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