Mintos is a town in Dragon Quest IV. Located on the northern part of the southeastern continent, its main attraction is a large inn owned by Conrad Hilton. Hank Hoffman, Jr. leaves the party after meeting Hilton here and sitting in on one of his common-sense business lectures, which he holds every day in the town square.

In the inn, the party also finds Kiryl bedridden with fever and Borya attending him. When they speak to Borya, he will join out of concern for Alena.


  • In the NES Version, Hank Hoffman, Jr. stays until Alena and Kiryl join, whereas the remakes see him leaving upon the party's first step in the town (even if he's in the wagon). In addition, he will eventually leave Mintos to form Immigrant Town at the site of the Desert Bazaar.
  • Also different in the remake is that Borya needs to be recruited prior to finding the cure for Kiryl to continue the story, whereas the recruiting of him could be done when Alena and Kiryl join (See the Remake section of Imperial Pantry of Parthenia for more detail).
  • In the Android, iOS and Mobile phone versions of the game, the town is required to revisit several times to help in the creation of the Immigrant Town. After the Magic Key is obtained, Hank will request the party seek out a couple by the name of Rocky and Adrian who can be found in the Inn and Church respectfully. Following their recruitment, Hank expresses curiosity as to how Conrad Hilton is doing. Upon speaking to him during the day, the old man will recommend the service of one of his merchants who is south of the three shops in town.

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