A moai minstrel is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest series.


Similar to the other Moai monsters, they appear to be large stone heads like their Easter island real-life counterparts. The main difference between the Moai Minstrels and the other members of its monster gender is that they appear to have a hairy texture on its otherwise stony surface. It also bears a massive red nose akin to a clown along with makeup and a comical pink wig.

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Main games

Dragon Quest IX

#248 - Moai minstrel
Material Family
[[File:|100 px]]
HP MP Attack Defence Agility
519 20 368 567 206
Exp Gold Drop Narspicious (Common, 1/32)
Witch's hat (Rare, 1/64)
5880 103 G
Description: Those facing these po-faced Pierrots should overcome the urge to laugh - a clout with Kamikazee just isn't funny.

Their face paint is put on by boa bishops, who say it brings victory. Their real faces are rather handsome.

Normal attack
Gritty Ditty
Funny face
Haunts at:

Dragon Quest X

# - Moai minstrel
Material Family
[[File:|100 px]]
HP MP Attack Defence Weight
4289 116 421 543 765
Exp Gold Drop Lucida shard (Common)
Purple eye (Rare)
1518 22 G
Normal attack
Blessed Breath
Haunts at:

Monsters series

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional

Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D

Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca's Marvelous Mysterious Key


The exaggerated lip makeup suggests the minstrel part of the name may be a reference to minstrel shows.

Other languages

Other languages
French Moaï marrant
German Moai-musikant
Spanish Moai payaso
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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