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A Monster heart is an item in Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart.


A Monster heart is the crystallization of a monster's essence. It holds the characteristics of a monster. A type of Vocation-changing item, when a person takes one these hearts to the Alltrades Abbey, or an abbot or abbess from such a temple, the person can assume that monster's 'class' to acquire the qualities of said monster, eventually becoming it. One particular type of Heart of note, is the "abnormal" Hero Heart which, while it functions exaclty the same as any normal Monster heart, it does not change its user to to a monster vocation, instead changes them to the human vocation of Hero.

While, like the human vocations, monster vocations also have a progression tree, unlocking new higher-tier monster vocations depending of the combinations of lower-tier vocations mastered, the Monster hearts are a quicker option to unlock directly a desired monster vocation for a particular character, and in the case for the 14 lowest-tier ones, Berserker, Chimaera, Goodybag, Healslime, Jawtoise, Kingfuchsia, Lips, Mandrake major, Mimic, Notso macho, Rockbomb, Serial quiller, Slime, and the Walking corpse, their corresponding Monster hearts are the only way to access them.

In Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart, two monster hearts are applied to a single monster when it goes through reform.

Acquiring Monster Hearts[]

Dragon Quest VII[]

Any monster species whose Vocation can be undertaken, has a rare chance of dropping their respective Monster Heart to be used; there are however two exceptions:

  • The Slaughtomaton will not drop an Slaughtomaton Heart, because the only Slaughtomaton encountered is only fought once in the game, as a boss.
  • The boss Golem in The Tower will similarly also not drop a Golem Heart because it is only fought once. However, another cousin species, the Collum o'golems, may drop a Golem Heart.

The Lucky Panel game in the Casino will sometimes have Monster Hearts as prizes.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart[]

Monster hearts may drop from any non-boss monster (and a few boss monsters, such as the Gargoyle) shortly after acquiring the heart stealing device.

Obtainable Hearts in the Field[]

Certain hearts can be found in the world during the course of the games.

Dragon Quest VII[]

Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart[]

  • A golem heart can be found in Alefgard once the continent has been raised from the ocean, in the incredibly sparse ruins where Cantlin once stood, referencing the monster's role in the original Dragon Quest.

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