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The Kingdom of Moonbrooke is a castle in central Torland. It serves a critical part in the plot of Dragon Quest II when it is attacked by Hargon's forces in the prelude.


The prelude of Dragon Quest II witnesses the attack on Moonbrooke by an assaulting army of monsters. Even the king, despite his best efforts to defend his daughter and himself, is slain in cold blood. The castle is razed by fiends, killing everyone with the exception of one soldier who, albeit gravely injured, is able to escape and relay the message of Moonbrooke's fall to the king of Midenhall, before succumbing to his injuries and dying.


During the game, Moonbrooke exists as a burned out castle which then houses monsters. It is not required that the party visit in order to proceed in the adventure. However, useful information can be gained regarding how to find the Princess of Moonbrooke by speaking to the various ghosts of the residents of Moonbrooke, including the soul of the deceased king. One dying soldier in the basement in particular will provide information on the exact location of Ra's mirror before perishing and transforming into a lingering tortured soul. If talked to after rescuing the princess he will pass to the afterlife. In his illusory copy of Midenhall castle, Hargon would later create an illusory citizen claiming that the High Priest have nothing to do with Moonbrooke's destruction, trying to blame an accidental fire as the cause of the disaster, just to rub salt in the wound for the Scions of Erdrick.

If the party returns to the destroyed castle after saving the Princess, she will try to communicate with the spirit of her deceased father but any attempt to reach him will be unsuccessful until Hargon's defeat. After the foul High Priest's demise, the tortured king will finally be able to see and speak with his daughter. They have an emotional reunion, in which the Princess swears to someday rebuild Moonbroke, before the king finally passes into the afterlife in peace.

Hidden item[]

In the Game Boy Color and iOS versions, search the left light-colored panel in the basement for a LifeAcorn (Seed of life). Not far from there, to the right a Seed of magic can be found.


Nearby monsters[]

Dragon Quest Builders 2[]

Moonbrooke is the third island visited by the Builder and is in the midst of a seemingly never-ending war with monsters lead by the monster Atlas. Over the course of the third chapter, the castle is rebuilt and an army is formed.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Ruisselune
German Mondbach
Spanish Arroyo Luna
Quiebraluna (DQotS)
Italian Moonbrooke
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