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Moonmirror Tower is a tower dungeon in Dragon Quest VI. Located in the Real World, it is the shrine in which Ra's mirror is held. The sorceress Ashlynn may be found and recruited here.


After rescuing lover-thieves Ilya and Evgenya from the nightmare of their youth, the party receives a mirror key required to open the tower and press on with their search for Ra's mirror. The tower itself is comprised of two larger base floors beneath two grand spires suspending a central chamber. Solving a series of mirror puzzles, the Hero, Milly, and Carver are able to scale the tower and locate Ashlynn, a Dream World runaway also in search of the mirror who seeks to regain her corporeal form. The story varies slightly between the original game and remakes, but in either case, Ashlynn cannot see herself; however, as the rest of the party was also part of the Dream World, they can see her. Milly sprinkles dream dew on Ashlynn to give her a body, and she joins the party. Finding Ra's mirror, Ashlynn sees no difference in her reflection, but after some convincing joins the party for the remainder of the quest.

Monsters in the Area[]

Boss Monster[]


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Other languages[]

Other languages
French Tour de Milune
German Mondspiegelturm
Spanish Torre Especuluna
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
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