Moostapha is a boss in Dragon Quest VII. He is fought in the mayor's house in Nottagen and guards the key used to get into the Pillar of Sulkk.



Moostapha looks like a gigantic, bipedal moose with orange fur. He has two large, black antlers and a long tail with black fur at the tip.

Along with Sulkk, Moostapha's appearance was quite drastically altered in the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII, possibly to set him apart from Ginormoose. He now has grey fur and golden antlers and hooves. His tail fur is also now brown.


Main games

Dragon Quest VII

Moostapha is fought to obtain Sulkk's Key in order to confront Sulkk and free the town of Nottagen from the darkness. Moostapha is considered the boss by the underlings of Nottagen.

Moostapha is enjoying a bath when the player arrives. He is initially impressed that someone made it to an island sealed off in darkness and remarks that the player must be special in some way. Although at first uncertain what to do, after his bath goes cold he says that anyone who ruins his bathtime must be punished.

After Moostapha's defeat, Sulkk goes on a mindless rampage. Moostapha's underlings comment that this is because Moostapha was keeping him under control.

Moostapha is mainly a physical attacker. Using buff and kabuff will help immensely. Afterwards, cast Sap on him and hack away. He doesn't cause a fairly experienced party that much trouble.

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