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Morph is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


Allows the caster to take on the attack & defense power, as well as the spells and skills of the target.


Dragon Quest III[]

Making its debut, the spell is learned by both Mages and Sages at Level 37 and costs 12 MP to use.

Dragon Quest IV[]

The spell is used by Eliza to pose as the Hero so that he/she won't be killed by Psaro the Manslayer's army. She demonstrates the spell earlier in the Prologue in the PlayStation, Nintendo DS, and Mobile remakes, in which she turned into a frog & rabbit.

It is also used by Float-o-copiers, but can be undone by use of the Zenithian sword and/or Ra's mirror.

The Hero can also learn it at Level 30, but only in the NES Version and costs 5 MP to use.

Dragon Quest V[]

The spell is usable by Admirers.

Dragon Quest VI[]

The spell is only usable by Devil glasses, Haunted mirrors and Infernal panes.

Dragon Quest VII[]

The spell is used by Admirers once again, along with Knight shifts.

Dragon Quest VIII[]

A young girl in Alexandria expresses an interest in mastering the spell, despite Jessica recommending her to focus from the bottom with simple spells like Frizz. If she's visited later, she will demonstrate being able to use the spell, but not being able to control the results easily as she wanted to become a Hammerhood, but turns into a Rockbomb and then a Walking corpse before reverting back. Interestingly, it was originally going to be a spell used for battle in the final game, but was scraped, yet still exists in the game's data.

Dragon Quest XI 3DS and Definitive Edition[]

Used by Eliza once again, she is stuck in the forme she transformed in and asks the Luminary and his allies to help her by acquiring the Supreme sage's staff to transform her back. Neither allies nor monsters can use this spell.

Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road Series[]

Reappearing from Battle Road II onwards, it is the red button skill for Float-o-Copiers, who transforms into any enemy monster and uses its skill before returning to its original form. If used when paired up with the player in the Sage vocation, it becomes the Float-o-Copy skill.

Dragon Quest: Monster Parade[]

Already learned by Float-o-copiers, Admirers, and Tricksies when they are recruited, it acts mostly the same as in previous appearances, but copies everything from the enemy, save for HP and MP, while the transformed user will remain the way it Morphed until the battle has ended or it has died. It costs 45 MP to cast.

Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

Once again used by Float-o-copiers, it is first seen from a bridge building companion of a Ghost who's playing pranks in Harba. Later in the Pinnacle of Peace, Float-o-copiers disguise themselves as an Accordian soldier's comrade to try and fool the player in choosing the wrong door. If the player chooses the right door, they attack. Fractos also uses this spell throughout the story for his plans, such as taking on the King of Harba's form to murder Cesar's father and frame the actual King.

Abilities and Spells used by Float-o-copiers and Firespirit Mawkeepers[]

Weapon/characters Skill/spell
Twin swords Frost Fangs
One handed sword Spinferno
Spear Lightning Conductor
Axe Parallax
Staff Crushed Ice
Heavy wand Swoosh
Wand Cheer Leader
Whip Whipcrackle
Bow Needle Shot
Claw Steel Splitter
Desdemona Super Crackerwhack
Cesar Coral Grief
Torneko Taloon Holy water
Maribel Smackback
Ruff Ruff Rider
Terry Lightning Strike
Carver Knuckle Sandwich
Meena Multiheal
Maya Sultry Dance
Jessica Sexy Beam
Angelo Hyper Sniper
Alena Multifists
Kiryl Thwack
Luceus/Aurora Zapple
Doric Royal Wrath
Isla Power Throw
Bianca Frizzle
Nera Oomph
Yangus Helm Splitter
Psaro A Cut Above

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Unknown
German Imitieren
Spanish Unknown
Italian Trasphorma
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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