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Morrie Mozzarella is a mostly comical character, introduced in Dragon Quest VIII. He also acts as "host" for the Monster Battle sub-series.

Although Morrie was introduced as an NPC in the original PS2 release of DQ VIII, he has been upgraded to a party memberr for the 3DS version. In combat, he is capable of wielding clubs, boomerangs, and claws, as well as utilising the abilities of monsters from his infamous pit.

Morrie is frequently seen with a flock of bunny girls around him, but his preferred bunny girl is Marrie.


Morrie's outfit consists of an almost jester-like tunic with alternating sections of green and red, as well as very tight leggings. He wears a white scarf and a black belt, gloves and shoes.


Morrie speaks with an Italian accent and peppers his dialogue with Italian terms, such as calling the Hero "ragazzo" or Jessica "bimba". In the 3DS Version, he refers to Trode as Don Toad, Medea as Bellissima Principessa, and Red as Rosa Rossa.


Original version[]

The Hero and company first encounter Morrie on the rooftop of his Monster Arena. Sensing something special in the Hero, Morrie sends him to capture three "infamous monsters" to deem the Hero worthy to enter his arena. Once the party has succeeded in making the captures, Morrie allows the Hero to compete in his Monstrous Pit on one condition: he must compete with "GUSTO!".

After many victories, Morrie eventually allows the Hero to challenge him and despite his own loss is impressed that someone was able to outperform him. As a prize, Morrie has a statue of The Hero built and placed on top of the building to commemorate his status as Champion.


Following on from Morrie's defeat, he joins the Hero to help him with his dream in return for fulling his dream, which was finding someone superior to him as a monster trainer.

His role in the story is minimal due to him being an optional party member, though during the party's arrest, he helps Red, along with Trode and Medea, in finding them on Purgatory Island.

During the ending, he shows up at Trodain to mention to the Hero that he was given a formal invite to the wedding at Savella Cathedral by King Clavius. During the first ending (prior to having access to the Dragovian Path), Morrie leaps out of his seat to buy the Hero time in avoiding capture by the guards.


Morrie will join upon the completion of Rank S at the Monster Arena, which can be done after the party takes care of matters at Arcadia. Prior to that, Morrie mentions that he would need time to prepare for their competition.

His appearance in the ending is only possible if he joins, as otherwise he merely makes an appearance in the audience of the wedding.


In the 3DS version, Morrie joins at level 35 and 115 skill points to invest into his traits (skill points can be stockpiled in the 3DS version, unlike the PS2 version). He is able to be equipped with either claw weapons, Clubs, or Boomerangs. Like all other party members, Morrie, other than his preferred weapon types, can also equip shields, and can learn some fisticuffs skills. His skills with a hammer are of particular note, as they are noted to be overall less context-sensitive than the ones learned by Yangus, making the Club weapon type as a whole much more useful compared to the original release.

Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Attack +5 -- 4 -- -- Increase attack +5 when equipped with a claw. --
Propeller Blade 0 9 one ? Inflicts 100% damage, plus an additional Woosh-elemental second hit the damage of which is equal to that of Morrie's level. ?
Attack +10 -- 15 -- -- Increase attack +10 when equipped with a claw. --
Can Opener 0 22 one ? Inflicts 150% damage to Machine- or Material-type enemies. Regular damage otherwise. ?
Critical Hit Up -- 30 -- -- Increase the critical hit rate to 1/32 while equipped with a claw. --
Hardclaw 0 40 one ? Attacks three times per round, at 50% damage each. ?
Attack +20 -- 52 -- -- Increase attack +20 when equipped with a claw. --
Rake 'n' Break 3 66 one ? Inflicts regular damage to an enemy and removes Tension, Oomph, Buff, Sap, Dazzle and Fizzle effects from an enemy. ?
Attack +25 -- 82 -- -- Increase attack +25 when equipped with a claw. --
Hand of God 10 100 One ? Inflicts 125% damage to one enemy that ignores defense (except on Metal Slimes). ?

Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Attack +5 -- 4 -- -- Increases attack +5 when equipped with a club.
Shattershield 0 14 One ?? Inflicts regular damage and lowers an enemy's Defense by 25%. ?
Heart Breaker 1 20 One ?? Inflicts regular damage, with a 12.5% chance of stun. ?
Attack +10 -- 30 -- -- Increase attack +10 when equipped with a club. --
POWER Pound 4 45 ?? ?? Single strike with a 50% chance of hitting the enemy and a 50% chance to be a critical hit if it connects. ?
Critical Hit Up -- 59 -- -- Increase the critical hit rate to 1/32 while equipped with a club. --
Mind Breaker 2 71 One ?? Inflicts 125% damage with a 25% chance of stun. ?
Attack +25 -- 82 -- -- Increase attack +25 when equipped with a club. --
POWER Pummel 3 93 ?? ?? Single strike with a 50% chance of hitting the enemy and is an automatic critical hit if it connects. ?
Feel the Beat 10 100 ?? ?? Inflicts 130% damage to all enemies with a 12.5% chance of stun. ?

Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Crosscutter Throw 2 6 Group -- Inflicts 80% Strike-elemental damage to all targets, and then loops around to hit the left-most target again. --
Attack +5 -- 12 Group -- Increase attack +5 when equipped with a claw. --
Power Throw 4 18 Self -- Inflicts 80% Strike-elemental damage to all enemies; does not reduce damage for successive targets. --
Ooze Bruiser 0 25 One Yes Inflicts 150% damage to Slime-type enemies; regular damage otherwise. --
Attack +10 -- 32 -- -- Increase attack +10 when equipped with a boomerang. --
Metal Mower 0 40 Ally Yes Deals exactly 2 points of damage to Metal enemies; does not stack with Metal Wing Boomerang. --
Attack +15 -- 52 All -- Increase attack +15 when equipped with a boomerang. --
Super Throw 4 65 Ally -- Inflicts 120% Strike-elemental damage to all enemies, and does not reduce damage for successive targets. --
Attack +20 -- 82 -- -- Increase attack +20 when equipped with a boomerang. --
Swing Both Ways 10 100 -- -- Inflicts 120% damage twice to all enemies*. --

Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Stone's Throw 0 7 Group ?? 8~20 Strike-elemental damage to an enemy group. --
Attack +10 -- 14 -- -- Increase attack +10 with no weapon equipped. --
Agility +10 -- 21 -- -- Increases Morrie's agility by 10 points when not equipped with a weapon. --
Knuckle Sandwich 2 28 ?? ?? Inflicts 150% Strike-elemental damage to one enemy. Enemy's resistance to the Strike element affects accuracy, not damage inflicted. --
Attack +20 -- 35 -- -- Increase attack +20 when not equipped with a weapon. ?
Thin Air 2 42 All Yes Level*1.6+24 Woosh-elemental damage to all enemies; caps at 120 damage.
Critical Hit Up -- 54 -- -- Increases chance of critical hit to 1/32 with no weapon equipped. --
Multifists 0 68 Group ?? Four hits of 33% damage split among random targets. ?
Attack +50 -- 82 -- -- Increase attack +50 when not equipped with a weapon. --
PASSION Plunge 8 100 ?? ?? Inflicts 150% damage and ignores Defense; Morrie takes damage equivalent to 50% of his current HP. Does not work on Metal enemies, but works on Darksteel Dragon. ?

Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Oomph 6 3 Ally -- Doubles one ally's Attack. --
Sap 3 8 One Yes Lowers target's Defense by 50%. --
Pit of Fire 5 18 All ?? Level/2+30 Fire-elemental damage to all enemies. --
Intensso 5 30 Ally ?? Raises target's tension one or two levels.
Pit Stop 3 42 Self ?? Restores ~90 HP and cures any status effects. --
Critical Hit Rate Raised -- 54 -- -- Increases critical hit rate, regardless of weapon. --
GRANDE GUSTO 0 68 Self -- Raises tension by two levels. --
Arena of Flames 5 78 All ?? Level+65 Fire-elemental damage to all enemies. --
Kazing 15 88 Ally -- Revives a fallen ally with full HP and no chance of failure.
Monster Mia 15 100 -- -- Summons a group of monsters that have varying effects (see below for details).


Name MP Level Target Tension Info
Midheal ? Start one yes Heals a single party member for 70-80 HP.
Monstrous Musk ? Start ? ? Immediately initiates a random battle (where applicable); attracts more Metal enemies.

Morrie's Memos[]

To determine whether the Hero and his party are worthy to compete in the Monster Arena, Morrie hands out three notes referred to as Morrie's Memo. Each one gives the location of a specific monster and their description.

Upon fulfilling the request, Morrie gives the party the Arena Key and takes his memos' back.


  • "I have heard it on the wind that in this town is a great teller of fortunes. They say he is never wrong. Maybe I'm gonna ask him where I find the strong monsters who want to join the monster team, ay?" -In Farebury
  • "Maybe it makes the Don Toad hop under the collar when I say it, but sometimes I am jealous of this curse that makes him a monster. Being inside the body of a monster means you can know the true heart of a monster. If it is me, I could become even greater friends with monsterkind!" -In the Mystical Spring
  • "Ah ha ha ha, ice skating in the piazza was-How do you say? - top of the notches, ay? . . . Che? It was only me? No no no! You forget. We are all going around and around in the circles, si? . . . Che? It was only me?" -In Orkutsk after Rhapthorne reveals his true form

Other Appearances[]

Dragon Quest IX[]

Morrie also appears as a special guest in Dragon Quest IX where he gives the party parts of his outfit. He will give out Morrie's mullet (headwear), GUSTO garb (torso), Grandissimo gloves (arms), PASSION tights (legwear) and a pair of Casanova clogs (feet). If the Hero equps Morrie's costume, he/she will receive the accolade: "Personification of Passion".

Rocket Slime[]

Morrie makes another appearance in Rocket Slime as a slime named Morrie Morrie, who runs the tank battle arena of GUSTO, THRILL, and PASSION.



  • His appearance is loosely based on Toriyama's own Mr. Satan/Hercule character from the famous Dragon Ball series.
  • Morrie's outfit is based on the Italian flag.
  • In his clash with the Hero inside the Monster Arena it is revealed that his last name is Mozzarella through the announcer's introductions in the Rank S finals.
  • Prior to the release of the 3DS version in Japan, Dragon Quest VIII's producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto stated that if Morrie were classified with a vocation, he would be an evolved mix of a Minstrel and Martial Artist.
  • Morrie has the lowest resilience of all characters in VIII. This is due to both his age and beanpole build.
  • Incidentally, while he has no role in any of the cutscenes if he's present in Pirate's Cove, putting Morrie in the party in place of Yangus will result in several scenes playing out differently.

Other languages[]

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