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Mostroferrato is a town in Dragon Quest V. It is home to the Briscoletti family and the location where the Hero gets married during the second era of the game as well as an important battle in the third generation.


Dragon Quest V

Mostroferrato is a walled-city located on the southern end of the second continent. The wealthy Briscoletti family resides here, being Rodrigo Briscoletti, his unnamed wife, and their daughters Nera and Debora.

The Hero first goes to Mostroferrato after speaking to King Wilbur of Coburg, who has sent his men to look into any leads for the fabled Zenithian Equipment as his way of repaying the Hero for all he's done for his family and kingdom. Specifically, Wilbur will inform the Hero that one of his men has tracked for the Zenithian Shield shortly before the events of Zoomingale have been wrapped up, and discovered that it is owned by Rodrigo Briscoletti.

Arriving in town, the Hero runs into a dog that has escaped its leash with its master chasing after. The young lady, Nera Briscoletti, is taken by the Hero's good looks and bashfully thanks him before walking her dog home. As the Hero speaks to the townsfolk, he is informed that Rodrigo has announced that the time is right for his daughter to marry, and that he is accepting suitors. After speaking to the man himself, however, the Hero learns that the catch is that whoever wishes to marry Nera must first prove himself in determination and wits by retrieving the Circle of Fire and the Circle of Water; two rings of incredible beauty hidden away in the depths of a an active volcano and a watery labyrinth respectively. The task causes most of the would-be grooms to drop out immediately, leaving only Crispin Burn, Nera's childhood friend, and the Hero to accept the challenge.

When the two rings have been retrieved, Rodrigo will declare that the Hero is fit to marry Nera. However, Bianca will interject and leave the question of the Hero's marriage up to the player's decision. In the Nintendo DS and Android/IOS versions, Debora will also state her interest in the Hero. Regardless of the player's decision, Rodrigo will state that he has been impressed by the Hero's determination and will cover the wedding expenses whether he marries one of his daughters or not, and bequeath the Zenithian Shield as a wedding present and put the newlyweds up in his villa for the honeymoon.

Later on, during the third generation, Rodrigo asks the Hero to inspect a large jar in a small shrine north of the town called the Pothold. It is glowing blood red, meaning that the monster sealed away by Rodrigo's ancestor, Rudolfo, several centuries ago is about to escape. Rodrigo warns the Hero of the danger the monster poses to the world and tells him to stall it at the tower he built just outside of the town, La Guardia, while he assembles a group of soldiers. The monster, Bjørn the Behemoose, is hellbent on revenge and battles the Hero's party as a warm up before killing the Briscoletti family. Upon his death, Bjørn drops the Ultimate key and is sucked back into the jar. Regrouping with Rodrigo at his mansion, the man is overjoyed that the threat was eliminated and is astonished at how powerful the Hero has become.

Dragon Quest XI

The Briscoletti mansion is one of the places the Luminary can visit through the Echo Chamber. Here, the party discovers that all three brides have been turned into copies of Rodrigo while the Hero is out retrieving the wedding veil. Panicking, Rodrigo will plead for the Luminary to slay the monster responsible for the trickery before the groom arrives. The monster is lurking at Alltrades Abbey, and once killed, the curse will end. Afterwards, the Luminary can play out his own version of the marriage decision with the present cast.


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