The mountaincleaver (previously translated as Sword of Gaia and Gaia Sword) is a sparsely appearing weapon found in the series. It is notable for being the very first event weapon in the series.


Dragon Quest III

The mountaincleaver is found near the corpse of Simão within the Shrine Jail. Another Mountaincleaver can be found the in Cloudsgate Citadel in the various remakes of the game. It can be wielded by both the Hero and Warriors, and has the attack bonus of +51 (+48 in the NES Version).

By throwing the sword into the volcano east of Isis, it will open the path to the Maw of the Necrogond. The sword can also be equipped as a normal weapon before being thrown in the volcano, after which it is removed from the player's inventory.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

The recipe for the sword is the reward for defeating the powerful Blue dragon lurking south of the dock in chapter 3. It takes four ingots of steel, one gold ingot, and increases the builder's attack by +82.

Other languages

Other languages
French Unknown
German Bergspalter
Spanish Unknown
Italian Spaccamontagne
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