Mountainmover is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest X

Making its debut, it is learned by players in the Ranger vocation at level 69 and deals 130 to 150 damage to enemies. It costs 16 MP, and is used by Lickity spits and Devil Chief Jiggis in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest XI

Learned by Erik at level 42, it targets 1 enemy group for 20 MP and deals 96 to 120 damage, capping at 188 to 212 damage. It is also used by Little devils and Spitzfires gone Malicious.

Dragon Quest Heroes II

Mountainmover is learned by Lazarel and Theresa in the Thief vocation, as well as Jessica. The higher power this spell has, the more damage enemies will take. It is also used by the High King and his "twin brother" in battle.

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