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Mt. Snowhere is a village in VI. Located on the western periphery of the Real World, it begins as an area blanketed in ice by a never-ending blizzard.


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As the hunt begins for the Sword of Ramias, last of the four legendary arms, the Hero and his company visit an inn at the foot of the western mountains, where tales have been circulating of a sage named Ali Kazam who knows the secret of the sword and how to obtain it. He disappeared some fifty years ago, leaving many to speculate that he has died.

Heading further north, the party comes upon a village nestled in the mountains themselves. When they enter, they are greeted not by warm hearts, but an icy white-out snowstorm. The townsfolk are lifeless statuettes of ice, except for a bitter old man. Meanwhile, Terry is also searching for the sword to further his quest for the ultimate power, but gets nowhere. However, Milly begins to recognise Terry, and senses that he may be enthralled.

The old man, identifying as Coburn, suggests that the party visits the snow maiden Gerda, who may hold the key to the mystery of the blizzard. Gerda lives in a nearby shrine to the north, so the party heads there.

Gerda reveals that she once saved a young man from a fierce storm fifty years ago. In exchange, this young man was to keep Gerda's existence and whereabouts a secret. Coburn, however, was a chatterbox, breaking the pact. Thus did Gerda encase Mt. Snowhere in a perpetual icy curse.

When the Hero informs Gerda of Coburn's condition, she laments that she forgot how humans age where she does not, and so takes pity on him. She reverses her own curse. The blizzard is abated, releasing the villagers. For them, the last fifty years never happened. Among those thawed was Ali Kazam, who gives the party a set of clues to the sword's whereabouts. His information leads the party up to Everfrost Grotto.

The route through the cave is dotted with all manner of ice traps and puzzles to solve, but the Hero returns unscathed with a rusty hunk of ancient metal. When he shows this to Kazam, Kazam mentions that a smith in Turnscote might be able to do something with it. Kazam offers up his Turnscote pendant so that the party may enter the highly-guarded rogues' town, and the quest resumes.

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Mount Snowhere is a portmanteau of "snow" and "nowhere", reflecting the wintry climate and remote location of the village.

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