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Multifists is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.


As its name implies, Multifists allows Martial Artists to land a flurry of explosive punches on a group of enemies. The exact number varies by appearance. However, each hit is randomised and at reduced strength. Nevertheless, it is among the most difficult skills to acquire, often requiring high-order advancement while in the vocation.

An upgraded form, Multifeet, appears in more recent instalments, the difference being the use of kicks rather than punches to achieve a similar effect.


Dragon Quest IV

Multifists is used by Chow Mein in the PS1 remake, but does not use it from the DS remake onwards.

Dragon Quest VI

Making its debut, Multifists is learned by mastering the Gladiator vocation and costs no MP to use. It is also used by Loss leaders in battle.

Dragon Quest VII

Multifists is learned by advancing to rank 8 as a Gladiator and rank 3 as a Champion in the 3DS version. In the 3DS version, it is an advanced skill that can only be used as a Gladiator or Champion. It can also be learned permanently by advancing to rank 6 as an Automaton. It now hits for 75% of the attack per hit rather than 50% and needs 2 MP to use. It is also used by Batboons, Fighting batboons, and Skraw in battle.

Dragon Quest VIII

Multifists is a fisticuffs technique that the HeroYangus and Morrie can learn. It requires 70 skill points for the Hero, 60 skill points for Yangus, and 68 skill points for Morrie. It costs 0 MP to use once again.

Dragon Quest IX

This ability is learned with 42 skill points invested into the Fisticuffs skill tree, and once again costs 0 MP to use.

Dragon Quest X

Learned when 100 skill points are invested into the Fisticuffs skill tree, it hits enemies for 0.5 X 4 damage and costs 4 MP to use. Rottontails, Bad hares, Mohawkers, Red fangs, Kukulkannibal, Yarn, & Kukuhawker can also use this skill against players. It is also learned by investing 18 skill points into a recruited Healslime's Martial Arts skill tree.

Dragon Quest XI

Multifists is limited to monsters, used by King squids, Jockilleses, Jerkuleses, Tentaculars, Squidzillas, Brodysseuses, Jackal rippers, Tiger jackals, Badonises, Hunkorvus and Boodica, as well as Rottontails and Bad hares once again.

Jade prefers kicks over punches, and so receives Multifeet in lieu of Multifists with her Character Builder upgrade when she rejoins the party in Act II.

The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below and Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End

One of Alena's attacks, she unleashes a flurry of punches on the enemy. It can be upgraded further with Multifists Multiplier, and when used alongside Divide and Conquer, it can make mincemeat of even the strongest foes.

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