Multithrust is a recurring ability in the franchise. It launches 3-4 strikes on random targets at 50% damage each in most appearances.


Dragon Quest VIII

The hero can use multithrust as a spear technique after investing 25 skill points into the associated skill.

Dragon Quest IX

The Wight Knight and Sir Sanguinus are bosses who know this skill.

Stenchurions know this skill. This ability is learned with 88 skill points invested into the Spear skill. When used by the player it costs 4 mp, hits randomly and can vary between getting 3 or 4 hits.

Dragon Quest XI

Jade learns Multithrust for 18 points in her Spears section of the Character Builder. It shanks four random targets within a group for 75% damage per stab, 300% damage against a single foe. It costs 12 MP to use.

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Spanish Multiembestida
Italian Colpo multiplo
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