Muster Strength is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series.


Builds up energy for the next attack, dealing 200%~250% damage on the user's next attack.


Dragon Quest IV

Making its debut, it is a random action of Torneko Taloon, and is a skill of Hank Hoffman Jr. during the time he is with the party. It is also used by Mad moles, Bagworms, Hellions, Abominable Showman, Tricksies, and Kirk Buzzer in battle, as well as Chow Mein in the remakes.

Dragon Quest V

Now a freely usable action, Muster Strength is used by the following monster companions:

Name Level
Conkerer --
Cross eye 5
Golem 8
Hellion 12
Powie yowie 12

It is also used by Brownies, Stone golems, Tortoceratopses, and Thaumatosauruses in battle against their enemies. Pankraz also uses this skill during his second fight against Slon and Kon, but does not attack afterwards due to his son being held hostage.

Dragon Quest VI

Muster Strength is learned by Kingsley at level 5. Other characters can obtain it by advancing to rank 2 of the Merchant vocation. It is also used by Haardvarks, Loathsome leeks, Scarewells, Stout trolls, Jackal rippers, Tower Sentry, Bigg, the Second Test, and Cabot in battle.

Dragon Quest VII

Muster Strength can only be learned by advancing to Rank 5 of the Thief, Rank 4 of the Rockbomb, and Rank 2 of the Golem vocations, but otherwise acts the same. It is also used by Donkey xotes, Half hogs, Harmours, Enormooses, Whole hogs, Hell hogs, Ginormooses, Fright knights, Night knights, Glowering Inferno, Rashers, and Brigand in battle.

Dragon Quest XI

Reappearing the main series for the first time in 4 games, it is an enemy only skill used by Bunicorns, Hoods, Spiked hares, 24-carrot bunicorns, Zumeanies, Golems, Grinades, Face invaders, Flamethrowers, Hoodlums, Gold golems, Harmachises, Barbatoses, Foo dogs, King foo dogs, Robbin' 'ood, and Boodiful Hoodlums, as well as Brownies and Stone golems once again.

Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twins Kings and Ending of the Prophecy

Appearing as a skill of Carver's, it increases his attack for some time.

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