Nevan (Chamoro in the original Japanese version) is a playable character in Dragon Quest VI. He is a priest from the village of Ghent who needed divine intervention from the Goddess herself before he would ally with the heroes against Murdaw.


Nevan appears to have traits of both an academic and a priest; being an academic, he wears round-rimmed glasses; and he wears a bishop's robes and mitre in yellow with purple accents. He carries what appears to be a green satchel over his right hip, and wields a two-handed mace in his artwork.


He is the prodigy of Ghent, and considers himself to be more learned than whole of the settlement. This ego issue is his greatest vice, but at his heart he is a good lad whose piety cannot be questioned.

Unsurprisingly for someone raised in such a controlled environment as a religious settlement, Nevan is ignorant to the world around him; party chat shows him either being astonished, repulsed, or perplexed by even common daily events in village life. His journey with the heroes does wonders to broaden his horizon's though, and in particular he becomes fond of Carver.



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