Dragon Quest V
DQVDS - Nimzo - Second Forme
Sprite(s) VDS - Nimzo - Second Forme sprite
Japanese name ミルドラース
Rōmaji Mirudorāsu
Gender Male
Title(s) Grandmaster of Nadiria
Race(s) Demon (Unknown before using the Secret of Evolution, presumed to be human)
Age Unknown

Nimzo (originally Mildrath, referred to as Grandmaster Nimzo in-game) is the antagonist in Dragon Quest V. As is the case with most of the series' villains, Nimzo is mostly referred to and not actually encountered until the end of the game, though his pawns and powerful influence do well to wreak havoc in his place. According to his Dragon Quest IX description, he possesses enough physical and mental ability to rule the world by himself.


Nimzo initially appears to be an elderly, green-skinned humanoid, though this is merely a ruse to hide his true, grotesque form: a bloated, red daemon with spear-like fangs, massive mottled and wrinkled wings, four arms, and sharp spikes all over his body, including a spiked tail.



Main Games

Dragon Quest V

Recommended level: 35+

By this point in the game, the player's party should have all of its most useful spells learnt, plus the sage's stone at the ready, and the Hero's son should know Multiheal and Kabuff, while his daughter should know at least the Oomph spell. The party may also have an easier time with a cureslime-type monster in tow, and Bianca also knows Oomph if she's the chosen spouse. Elfin elixirs will also help the battle flow nicely, as will the Hero's Absorb Magic; both will help keep the party's MP in good supply.

In both forms, Nimzo has an energy wave attack that dispels all magic, and can cast an array of buff spells on himself. which the Son can quickly counter with his Zenithian Sword. Have everyone else ready to buff if the disruptor wave is used.

Nimzo's first form is fairly easy, but his biggest threat is c-c-cold b-b-breath, which can't be blocked or buffered with Insulatle. Ready the party's fastest healing if any turn uses this skill. Keep the pressure up, and Nimzo should fall in 10 turns or less.

The second form, however, is particularly nasty. Nimzo not only gains his daemonesque appearance, but loses some of the earlier spells whilst gaining Kaboom and double attacks with a crit chance. What's more, he begins with Bounce and will attempt to regenerate once his HP reach a certain point, and his disruptors are far more frequent. Even if lucky, the party may only get a couple buffs up before another disruptor hits. Stick to Oomph on the attackers--the bigger priority is dealing enough damage to counter any meditations. Meanwhile, focus on healing the wounded before trying any other skills. Bianca or Nera's Kafrizzle works very well for sneaking some extra damage in. Given time, Nimzo will fall, and the world is saved once more.

Dragon Quest IX
#301 - Nimzo
??? Family
IX - Nimzo sprite
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
 ???  ???  ???  ???  ???
Exp Gold Drop Multiple
 ??? 2490 G
Description: Likes to kick in with Kaboom after taking the edge off his enemies by casting Bounce and Kasap.

Some thought he could only command from afar, but he has more than enough mental and physical ability to rule the world.

Encountered at:

Nimzo appears as a Legacy Boss., obtained after defeating Psaro the Manslayer at high levels.

Level Range Secondary Drop  % Orb  %
1-3 Gothan wristband 15% Blue Orb 5%
4-8 Gothan wristband 20% Blue Orb 5%
9-15 Gothan wristband 25% Yellow Orb 6%
16-25 Gothan turbin 20% Blue Orb 6%
26-40 Gothan turbin 25% Blue Orb 7%
41-56 Gothan gumboots 20% Blue Orb 7%
57-68 Gothan gumboots 25% Blue Orb 8%
69-80 Gothan robe 15% Blue Orb 8%
81-90 Gothan robe 20% Blue Orb 9%
91-99 Gothan robe 25% Blue Orb 10%
Level Abilities
Initial Attack, attacks twice per turn, Blazing Fire, Kasap, Kafrizz, Kaboom
4 Bounce
8 Disruptive Wave
12 Hellfire, stops Blazing Fire
16 Meditation
28 Kafrizzle
41 Kaboomle, stops Kafrizz and Kaboom, attacks three times per turn, stops attacking twice per turn
57 Air Pollution

Side Games


First official appearance outside of Japan. Called Mirudraas at the time.

Monsters 2

Mirudraas1 recipe: Esterk x GoldSlime

Mirudraas2 recipe: Mirudraas1 x Orligon, or Mirudraas1 x Spikerous


Appears as an S-rank member of the Beast family and has his current name; he appears as his monstrous, true form.

Recipe: Drakulard x Malroth.

Joker 2

Appears as a Rank X Monster in the Legendary family with the skillset "Nimzo" and the all important trait "Double Trouble".

Recipe: Baramos x Drakulard, or Baramos x Khalamari.


Nimzo is set to appear in the future musical title along all other final bosses from the Dragon Quest franchise. He will more then likely be using his official battle music 'Satan'.


  • Nimzo, in his non-monster form, bears a strong resemblance to Kami-Sama from Dragon Ball Z. It should be noted that Akira Toriyama designed both.
  • According to the people of Lofty Peak and a person where you fight Bjorn, he is a former Loftinian who grew arrogant from his raw intelligence and power.
  • He mistakes the Hero to be the Legendary Hero; even if the Hero doesn't bring any of his family, Nimzo will say the same speech and accuse the Hero of being the Legendary Hero. This may be a translation error, or Nimzo could just be genuinely confused by the fact that the Hero was able to destroy his plans and outsmart him.
  • The name, Nimzo, is a reference to the chessmaster, Aron Nimzowitsch.
  • He is the only character given a different script (faux Cyrillic) for his dialogue than all others in the same game. If this were read in a language that uses Cyrillic letter (e.g. Russian), it would be unintelligible.



Other languages

Other languages
French Le Grand Maître Nimzo
German Nimzo
Spanish Gran Maestro Nimzo
Italian Nimzo
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese 米爾德拉斯
Korean Unknown

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