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Nomeg is a boss in Dragon Quest Swords. He is one of several mirror bosses available after completing the main story of the game. Nomeg bears great resemblance to an earlier boss in the game, the Emissary of Xiphos.


Nomeg follows a similar attack pattern to the Emissary of Xiphos, with the main difference being his greatly increased speed and damage. Typically, the majority of damage against Nomeg is done by reflecting his projectiles back at him. Once he loses half of his HP, he'll start firing two projectiles instead of one. Once near death, he'll carry a purple Healslime in his talons.

Level rewards[]

For more information, see Level scoring in Dragon Quest Swords
  • Rank S - 1 x Gold Bar
  • Rank A - 1 x Gold Bar
  • Rank B - 2 x Ice Crystal

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  • Nomeg's name is a play on words. Nomeg spelled backwards is Gemon a monster of the same family in Dragon Quest VIII.
  • Despite his name, Nomeg doesn't share any of Gemon's attacks or summon henchmen. As such, the name is simply a reference.
  • It's actually possible to shred most of Nomeg's HP by simply deflecting all of his projectiles.

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