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Nomegoen is a boss monster in Dragon Quest Swords. He is one of several mirror bosses available after completing the main story in the game. He bears great resemblance to the Emissary of Xiphos, and Nomeg both of whom are earlier bosses in the game. Nomegeon is the 3rd to last boss in the game behind Valgirt Nedlog and Edahs 'Sohpix.


Nomegoen shares the same attack patterns as both Nomeg and the Emissary of Xiphos, but is much faster and stronger. Most notably, Nomegoen becomes invisible after the fight begins, making it much more difficult to strike him directly. Instead, it is generally easier to rely on reflecting his projectiles back at him, although this too is difficult due to their increased speed.

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  • The name Nomegoen is a play on words. Spelled backwards it is Neo Gemon, a derivative of Gemon, a boss in Dragon Quest VIII.
  • Nomegoen is the only Mirror Boss, let alone the only boss in Dragon Quest Swords that can turn invisible.
  • Nomegoen's animation for turning invisible is the same as when he goes berserk after losing half of his HP. As such, it's possible to assume that Nomegoen actually goes berserk at the start of battle rather than at half HP like all the other bosses.

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