The notso macho (Dumbira in the PSX version) is a monster vocation in the game Dragon Quest VII.


The notso macho gives a moderate boost in attack and drops in all other categories, including defence.

Monster Heart

The notso macho heart can be obtained by battling these monsters in the World's Tallest Tower during the present, and in a chest near Vogograd in the past (3DS version only).

Required for

Dragon Quest VII

Stat Changes

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 155
Strength +10 Percent
Agility -10 Percent
Guard -10 Percent
Intelligence -20 Percent
Appearance -25 Percent
Max HP -10 Percent
Max MP +10 Percent


Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Awkward Nothing 0
2 Clumsy Vacuslash 14 One Enemy Adds wind damage to one attack 0
3 Chunky Nothing 32
4 Bumbler Heal More 49 One Ally Heals ~80 HP to one ally 4
5 Sluggard Psyche Up 77 Self User takes one turn. Next turn, physical attack does double damage 0
6 Oaf Nothing 103
7 Hulk Nothing 123 One Enemy User attacks first with 80 percent power 0
8 Big Dummy 2Edge Hit 155 One Enemy Does 50 percent more damage to one enemy, 25 percent of the damage is reflected to the user 0

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