The Observatory is the heavenly home of the Celestrians in Dragon Quest IX. It is located high about the Protectorate and is accessible only by a portal, or the Starflight Express. The Yggdrasil Tree is located at the pinnacle of the Observatory. The Observatory is equivalent to Zenithia in the Zenithia trilogy.


Dragon Quest IX

Geological Location

Location Attributes

   Save icon    This is a location where the game can be saved.

   Cannot Zoom icon    The hero cannot zoom away from here.

   FyggIcon    This is where a Fygg can be collected

Dragon Quest XI 3DS and Switch

The Observatory is the first location available through the altar of the starry skies in the Echo Chamber. Only the zenith of the building is available to explore, with Aquilla, Pavo, and a slime present. The former two are astonished that a party of mortals made it to the realm, and doubly so that they can see the angels on top of that.

Aquila is concerned over a fygg going missing, and only has a scant clue to work with in finding it. The player is prompted with helping the celestrian, and he mentions that when he searches his mind, the words "Ruby Path of Doom" are all that appear. With this clue, the Luminary and his companions head out to the grotto and find that a Liege lizard is the culprit behind the fygg's disappearance. After defeating the dragon, it is revealed to be nothing more than a slime that wished with all its heart to become as strong as it could. Sparing the glob of goo, the Luminary returns with the fygg to Aquilla's amazement.

Fortune Street

The Observatory appears as a board in Fortune Street, where the switches will move a district around the main board section as if it were the starflight express.


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