Octagonia is a city in Dragon Quest XI. Located in north-east Erdrea roughly west-northwest of the Warrior's Rest Inn, the city takes its name from its signature venue, an octagon suited for Masked Martial Arts fighting.


Octagonia is a multi-layered city with the Arena as its central point. The city's only entrance leads directly to the arena entrance. To the right of the venue, the path branches into upper and lower Octagonia. Lower Octagonia is composed mainly of the city's residences and the orphanage where Vince Vanquish lives, while upper Octagonia is where the city's VIPs--their fighters--spend their down time. Upper Octagonia also contains the arena itself, which is open to the sky.

A series of monster-infested caverns lies beneath the city. They can be accessed from the orphanage's basement.

Octagonian citizens are obsessed with the annual Masked Martial Arts tournament, with names like The Underdigger, Sinderella and Vince making up the bulk of local discussion. The city's mayor also serves as the emcee for the tournament. The tournament consists of two days' worth of two-on-two fighting, with partners being randomly assigned before the first day.

Octagonia is Hendrik's hometown, and he is honored with a statue above the arena entrance.

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