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For the Dragon Quest series monster, see Ogre (monster).

Ogres are a race that exists in Dragon Quest X. Ogres have a strong body that can withstand the harsh environments of the Orgreede continent. It is a belief that it is busy with training every day, and the strength is extremely extreme.

The Ogre race was created by the god of the Ogres, Gazbaran, who sought to give monsters more civilized minds by gifting them culture.


Dragon Quest X[]

They have a pair of small, cone-shaped horns on their foreheads, a cow-like tail, red skin tones with darker band-like marking, and two horn-like conical spikes on their shoulders.

Ogres have a strong similarity to the way Akira Toriyama draws the various demons and trolls in Dragon Ball.


Other languages[]

Other languages
French Unknown
German Oger
Spanish Ogro
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown


  • Because Ogres have two large spikes on their shoulders, all pieces of clothing worn by them are either bare shouldered, or accomodate for them with tailor-made openings or, less commonly, special armored pauldrons.
    • As for their tail, all Ogre pieces of clothing have openings to allow it let it to be loose, with the exception for Sage Luchenda, who is the only Ogre whose tail is not normally visible in her usual attire, and instead can only be seen when she wears a swimsuit.
  • During the first cutscene of Dragon Quest Heroes, its possible to see the prizes of the shooting gallery; these prizes include stuffed doll versions of the 5 non-Human races of Dragon Quest X: the Poppets, the Ogres, the Wetlings, and the Dragon Quest X versions of the Dwarf and Elf races, both of which do appear in Heroes under a different guise.