Oojam (Orin in the NES version) is a temporarily playable character in IV.


Oojam is first encountered by Maya and Meena in Chapter 4 at Gupta Gupha. He too is mourning the death of Maya and Meena's father, his old teacher, and offers himself up to help their cause, joining the party. He has a much stronger physical attack than either of the two sisters. Oojam is an invaluable asset for the girls, having the ability to pick locked doors. This handy skill allows them to penetrate the walls of Palais de Léon, where their enemy awaits. Unfortunately, he is forced to separate from the girls in the aftermath of a brutal defeat by the hands of Marquis de Léon. While the three are able to escape their cell with some unexpected help, they are caught by the nearby guards. Oojam single-handedly takes on the guards, buying the girls time to escape. If they revisit the site, Oojam lays on the ground defeated, telling the two to flee and save themselves before seemingly passing away.

In Chapter 5, Oojam is revealed to be alive. While he was injured when fighting off the guards and left for dead, another girl happened to escape Palais de Léon not long afterwards. The two flee to Vrenor's Inn to rest and recover, where Oojam stays for the rest of the game.

In the NES version, he uses his strength to break open locked doors, but in the Nintendo DS version he picks the lock instead.


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