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Oomph is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


Doubles the benefactor's attack when cast.


Dragon Quest III

Making its debut, it is learned by Mages and Sages at level 21 and costs 6 MP. It is also used by Abracadabrers, Terror trolls, and IronNites in the remakes.

Dragon Quest IV

Oomph is learned by Borya at level 19, and by Psaro at level 36.

Dragon Quest V

Oomph is learnt by Bianca and Nera at level 13, Deborah at level 15, and the Hero's daughter at level 16. It costs 6MP to cast and doubles a party member's attack.

Dragon Quest VI

This spell is obtained by advancing to either Rank 2 of the Armamentalist vocation or rank 3 of the Sage vocation. It can also be cast by using the Sword of Ramias as an item, and is also used by Sorcerers, Annihilanterns, Jugular jokers, Mortamor's second form, and Nokturnus in battle

Dragon Quest VII

Oomph is learned by reaching rank 4 of the Armamentalist, rank 2 of the Sage, rank 6 of the Pirate, rank 6 of the Paladin, rank 5 of the Champion, and rank 1 of the Hero and Druid vocations. It can also be cast by using the Okeanos sword in battle. It is also used by Fighting batboons, Notso machos, Mucho machos, Mandrake majors, Terracotta warriors, Togres,

Dragon Quest VIII

Oomph is learned by Jessica at level 19 and by Angelo after adding 65 points to his Staff skill tree. Interestingly, the spell only increases damage by 80% in this game, likely due to the addition of the Tension system. It is also used by Dark sea-divas and Dullahans, as well as Notso machos and Mucho machos once again.

Dragon Quest IX

Oomph is learned by Mages at level 33 and Armamentalists at level 39. It costs 8 MP to cast and will raise the recipient's attack by 25%, capping at 50%. It is also used by Barriearthenwarriors, Prime slimes, and Yore, as well as Mandrake majors and Nokturnus once again.

Dragon Quest X

Oomph is learned by Armamentalists at level 43, Item Masters at level 62, and Rangers at level 72, as well as investing 40 skill points into a recruited monster's Toady skill tree and a recruited Slime's Slimer skill tree. It costs 4 MP to cast and will raise the recipient's attack by 40% for 120 seconds. It is also used by Red puddings, Viking souls, Psycho masters, Spike heads, Stone guardians, Cosmoslimes, Bloody blades, Deadly blades, Eagle devils, Mandrake militants, Phalaris bulls, Blue giraffes, Kirinji giraffes, Grigory babies, Desromanisms, Asura kings, Snooty slime knights, the Majin Spindle, Wild Fobism, Scarlet Knights, Illusion Knights, and Belial, as well as Jugular jokers, Mandrake majors, Togres, Dullahans, and Terror trolls (For the first time since their debut) once again.

Dragon Quest XI

Oomph is learned by Sylvando at level 39 and Veronica at level 31, as well as already being learned by Serena's awakened form, and can once again be cast for 4 MP. It increases the target's attack by 50% once again for 4~6 turns, and is also used by Headless horsemen, Tyriant's shadow, Gyldygga, Cactolotls, and Scourgettes gone Vicious, as well as Dullahans, Snooty slime knights, Stone guardians, and Abracadabrers once again.

Dragon Quest Monsters

TwinHits is learned by monsters beginning at level 17 if the monster has at least 72 MP and 66 Intelligence. It is learned naturally by AmberWeedArmorPedeBeanManChopClownCurseLampPixy, and StubBird. Additionally, the Diago summoned by DiagoCall can use TwinHits.

Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors

Oomph is learnt by Claymore at level 15.

Other languages

Other languages
French Décuplo
German Energieschub
Spanish Doble Potencia
Italian Ooomph
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
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Chinese Unknown
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