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Orgreede is a continent of the world of Astoltia in Dragon Quest X, and homeland of the Ogre race. While its various locations can be quickly reached thanks to Zoomstones, the Mega Zoomstone, and later the Bazoomstone, even including the locations of 500 years ago visited during the Version 1 storyline, its past incarnation visited during the Version 4 storyline can instead be reached thanks to the Time-Trotter's Trinket.

The ogre kingdoms of Glenn and Gardlund, as well as Rangao Village can be found on this land. Orgreede is also where the opening of the tunnel leading to the underground Netherworld, home of the Demon race, is located; its entrance was sealed off by an Ogre mage, Gamilgo, the king of Glenn of 500 years ago, petrified himself in order to act as a seal, .