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Orichalcum (formerly localised as Oricon due to display constraints) is a recurring item in the Dragon Quest series. It is a special metallic substance that is very rare and precious. It is typically used to create powerful weapons and/or armour in the games in which it appears. This is done using processes such as alchemy and sword tempering.


Dragon Quest III[]

Orichalcum (called Oricon prior to the iOS remake) is needed to reforge the Sword of Kings. To accomplish this, retrieve the unrefined ingot from the stable yard in Damdara and sell it to the Jipanese blacksmith in Kol. The legendary sword can then be purchased from the town's item shop for 22500G.

Dragon Quest VIII[]

"An incredibly hard precious metal ore." -In game description.

In VIII, Orichalcum is very rare and is strictly used for alchemy. In total, there are 6 pieces of orichalcum within the game (5 in the Main Quest, 1 in the Post-Quest). Additionally, it is a droppable item from the Metal king slime and the Pandora's box, however the drop rates are extremely low at a whopping 1 in 256 chance..

Obtainable through Main Quest

  • Princess Minnie (83 Mini Medals)
  • Godbird's Eyrie (Chest)
  • Black Citadel (Chest)*
  • Black Citadel (Barrel)*
  • Ruin (Boss)

Obtainable through Post-Quest

  • Heavenly Dais (Chest)

Orichalcum can be used in the following recipes:

  • Megaton Hammer = Conquerer's Axe + Uber War Hammer + Orichalcum
  • Liquid Metal Sword = Rusty Old Sword + Slime Crown + Orichalcum
  • Metal King Armour = Liquid Metal Armour + Slime Crown + Orichalcum
  • Metal King Shield = Ruinous Shield + Orichalcum + Saint's Ashes
  • Goddess Ring = Recovery Ring + Orichalcum
  • Meteorite Bracer = Agility Ring + Agility Ring + Orichalcum
  • Sage's Stone = Gold Nugget + Orichalcum + Yggdrasil Dew

*If you missed the two pieces of Orichalcum in the Black Citadel, they will be placed at Neos after completion of the Black Citadel.

Dragon Quest IX[]

DQ9 Orichalcum

Orichalcum's sprite as seen in Dragon Quest IX.

"A highly prized mineral of magnificent hardness. Alchemise it!" -In game description.

In IX, Orichalcum is a key ingredient in many high level alchemy recipes. It can be acquired in treasure chests of rank 9 and 10 in treasure map grottos. It can also be purchased for 15 mini medals a piece from Cap'n Max Meddlin' after completing his initial requirement for 80 medals collected, or it can be dropped by a Gem slime, Platinum king jewel, Metal king slime, or Greygnarl (Grotto). A lump of it can also be found inside a red chest in the cave on the lonely coast, and another near Apus Major's throne in a red chest.

It is used for these things...

Dragon Quest XI[]

"Long thought to be but a legend, this magical metal is famous for it's strength." -In game description.

20180909141206 1 2

Orichalcum as it appears in Dragon Quest XI.

Orichalcum appears once more in Dragon Quest, now playing a key part in the story, while also being used for post-game Fun-Size Forge recipes. Prior to the story, Erdwin and his party crafted the original Sword of Light using Orichalcum. Many years after Erdwin's adventure, after Mordegon destroys Yggdrasil and corrupts the Sword of Light into the Sword of Shadows, the party find out how Erdwin and his party created the original Sword of Light through the Seedlings in the Havens Above and set off to find Orichalcum in The Battleground.

Mentioned before, it is also used in many post-game recipes, and can be obtained as rare drops from Squidzillas, Fortune Filchers, and Pandora's Big Bad Boxes. It can also be obtained from The Battleground, where it was originally found in the story, in the deepest parts of the island at the huge purple crystal. NOTE: the recipe for the Sword of Light made by the party was slighty altered in the Definitive Version, requiring a unique Rarefied orichalcum's block of which only one can be obtained from the Battleground, although, due to the Sword of Light being able to be forged twice thanks to time travel, said block of Rarefied Orichalcum can be obtained two times in total.

Rocket Slime[]

Orichalcum is used as ammunition for the Schleiman Tank, and may be used in alchemy to create other ammunition, such as the orichalcum slime.

Dragon Quest Swords[]

Orichalcum is an ingredient used for sword tempering.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai[]

Orichalcum is an extremely rare and strongly durable metal, said to be created by the gods themselves and given them to Humans in small amounts. Objects crafted from orichalcum include the Demon Dragon Blade (wielded by the Dragon Knight Baran), the Sword of Champions (initially a tournament prize but was stolen and wielded by Hadlar), and the Crown of Champions (gifted to Dai at the start of the series). The Crown is eventually melted down to serve as raw materials for Dai's personal weapon, the Sword of Dai.

Dark King Vearn also owns a set of orichalcum chess pieces, five of which (a pawn, knight, rook, bishop and queen) are animated by Hadlar to create a group of powerful warriors known as the Hadlar's Royal Guards. Later Vearn also animates the king piece as a minor antagonist, served by mindless golems created from the remaining pawns.


Orichalcum comes from Greek mythology, specifically Plato's tales of the fabled Atlantis. The original word, Oreichalkos, translates directly to "mountain copper", though the material is said to have been several times more durable. It's value was second only to gold, and it was used int he construction of sacred temples and government buildings.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Bout d'orichalque
German Orichalkum
Spanish Fragmento de oricalco
Italian Orichalcum
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