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The Palais de Léon is a castle in Dragon Quest IV. It is ruled by the Marquis de Léon who allows Balzack to rule in place of him.


Once Meena and Maya are joined by Oojam, they're able to enter the castle, as Oojam is able to open the doors without a key. With the use of the powder keg found in Mamon Mine, they find and defeat Balzack in chapter 4. Marquis de Léon, however, shows up and they are defeated. They wake up without it being recorded as a death, as it is supposed to happen, though they lost Oojam as they escaped, the man sacrificig himself to hold off the guards. In reality, Oojam miraculously survived, and later ended up at Vrenor, thanks to a girl also escaping from the castle.

Later, Ragnar McRyan and his ally Healie arrived on word of the evil going on, only for Ragnar to be captured. Upon their arrival to the castle, Healie, who sometime during his journey with ragnar was able to turn into a Human, informed the Hero and their allies about what happened and tells them about getting the Magic Key to enter the castle.

They manage to do so and meet up with the soldier who defeated the guards holding him. Ragnar and the Hero's party then manage to defeat the Marquis de Léon.


  • Unlike the NES version, where the gold is lost for being defeated by Marquis de Léon in Chapter 4, the remake allows the player to keep it.
  • Rather than dying, like in the NES Version, Marquis de Léon reverts to human form and loses any memory he had of his evil actions.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Palace Lionel
German Palais de Lord Lionel
Spanish Palais de Léon
Italian Palazzo de Léon
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown