Palmela (formerly Pamela) refers to two clairvoyant women in Dragon Quest VII, both of whom reside in Emberdale. There is one in the past and one in the present.

Past Palmela

In the past, Palmela sees a vision of Burnmont erupting. She tries to convince the village Elder Gaffer to cancel the Return of Fire Ritual, the festival that is held yearly in Emberdale. However, Gaffer, not wanting to cause a panic, ignores Palmela's warning.

When the Hero, Kiefer, and Maribel visit her, she sees that the party can change the future she has seen. She has the party traverse through the volcano where they see the cause of the evil, the Glowering Inferno. They defeat the monster but a black smoke appears. Palmela predicts that Wholly holy water, held by Pike, can put out the smoke. With the Wholly holy water in hand, the party sprinkles it on the smoke and it dissipates, thus saving Emberdale.

For the party's efforts, she rewards them with a Blue Fragment.

The party visits her again in the past after visiting Greenthumb Gardens. One of the town's inhabitants, Carraway, has fallen ill due to the effects of the Gray Rain. After learning about Carraway's condition, Palmela is able to create the medicine needed to cure Carraway.

Present Palmela

In the present, Palmela can be used to find Mini Medals

After the world is thrown in darkness by the Demon Lord, the party travels to Emberdale. There they visit Palmela, who tells them that Burnmont has grown cold due to the Demon Lord. To awaken the Fire Spirit, she travels with the party into the core of the volcano while she has her assistant get the Kindling Oil. When they reach the spot where the Flame Spirit resides, they pour the Kindling Oil into the core, awakening the Fire Spirit. After the party fights and defeats the spirit, he uses his power to break the hold of darkness over both Emberdale and Alltrades Abbey.

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