Pankraz's letter
DQVDS - Pankraz's letter
Japanese name パパスのてがみ
Rōmaji Papasu no tegami
Introduced in V

Pankraz's Letter is an important item in Dragon Quest V.

It is a letter written by Pankraz intended to be read by his son if he died. It outlined his quest and asks that his son continue with the task of finding the Legendary Hero.

The letter is found in Pankraz's storage chamber deep within Whealbrook Adit along with the Zenithian sword.


`Dear (Name depends on what the Hero is called),

`If you're reading this letter, it must mean I'm no longer by your side.

`You probably know already, but the reason I've been traveling is to search for my beloved wife, Madalena, who fell into the hands of evil.

`My wife, your mother, had some mysterious powers.

`I don't understand it, but it seems these powers are coveted by those in the dark world of Nadiria.

`It's my belief that she was carried off there because of her powers.

`It seems that the only one who can enter Nadiria and rescue Mada from the clutches of evil...

` he who can make use of the Zenithian Equipment: the legendary hero.

`I travelled all the world and managed to locate the Zenithian Sword.

`But still I've been unable to locate the legendary hero.

`(Name depends on what the Hero is called), my son. You must gather the remaining pieces of the Zenithian Equipment, find the legendary hero, and save dear Madalena!

`I have faith in you, son. I know you can do this.'

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