Paralysis Attack is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.


Launches a melee attack that may paralyze the target.


Dragon Quest III

Making its debut, it is used by Scornets, Men o' war, and Dread admirals in battle against Erdrick and their companions.

Dragon Quest IV

Acting the same as in III, it is used by Paralyslicers, Cocoon goons, Humbabas, Drooling ghouls, Pit vipers, Demonspawns, and Mangler fishes, as well as Men o' war once again. It is also used by Decayurions in the remakes.

Dragon Quest V

Paralysis Attack does not cost MP to use and is learned by the following monsters:

Name Level
Man o' war --
Fat rat 5
Rotten apple 10
Fandangow 20

It is also used by Paralakeets, Deadcurions, and Fire-eaters, as well as Men o' war once again in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest VI

Used by Hell hornets, Aristobats, Killer moths, Venom wasps, Zombie gladiators, and Sail serpents, as well as Men o' war once again.

Dragon Quest VII

Used by Decayurions, Toxic zombies, Sting slimes, as well as Deadcurions,

Dragon Quest VIII

Used by Dark skeletons, as well as Hell hornets, Venom wasps, and Men o' war once again.

Dragon Quest IX

Used by Peckerels, and Cobra cardinals, as well as Men o' war, Dread admirals, and Deadcurions once again.

Dragon Quest X

Used by Claw breakers, Rumble bees, Bilebonnets, Frolickers, Polar pollies, Cosmo ghouls, Deadly blades, Scorpions, Blondies, General Jamirus, as well as Men o' war, Scornets, Paralakeets, Paralyslicers,

Dragon Quest XI

Used by Wight bulbs, as well as Men o' war, Sail serpents, Bilebonnets,

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