Patty's Party Planning Place is a recurring element in the Dragon Quest main series. Previously known as Ruida's Tavern, the player can exchange party members here as well as view current status of party members left behind.

Patty's is typically located within large cities or other large venues, but aside from exchanging party members in the wagon, Patty is usually unable to alter a party's active line-up.


Dragon Quest III

Luisas Tavern DQ3 manual

In Dragon Quest III, Luisa's Place is located in the starting town of Aliahan. It consists of 2 separate NPCs behind counters who control party member creation and addition/dismissal from the player's party. The second floor is the desk where you create new characters, and the first floor is where you go to pick them up. A character banished by the Limbo spell will return to Luisa's Place, and the party will be forced to return to Aliahan to retrieve them.

Dragon Quest V

Known as Patty's Party Planning Place in the DS and mobile versions, Luisa's Place makes a return appearance later on in Dragon Quest V. The tavern is in Gotha on the second floor. As with Dragon Quest III, it's the location where party members can be added or removed, but only human characters. However, Monty is also present to take care of monster characters.

Dragon Quest VI

In a similar fashion to Dragon Quest V, Patty's also makes an appearance in Dragon Quest VI, where Patty can look after all party members, including monsters, recruited by the player. Of note, neither the Hero nor Ashlynn can be exchanged for the majority of the game, as both are central to the story.

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