Pavo is a character in Dragon Quest IX. She is a Celestrian who resides at Quester's Rest and allows the player to utilize the local multiplayer features, known in-game as the Rapportal.

She is the sister of Aquila, as mentioned when she gives the quest that unlocks Aquila as a party member, and is also the only Celestrian who actually lives on the Protectorate.


Pavo has short silver hair and green eyes. She wears a small black top only covering her breasts, with two black detached sleeves starting at the upper part of her arms and ending at her middle finger, a choker and a skirt similar to that of the Hero/Heroine's followed by a violet waist cape underneath. Unlike Hero and Aquila she does not have the yellow layered leggings, instead having thigh high black leg warmers, and higher heeled boots than the other Celestrians


Pavo is level headed and enjoys learning.



Main Games

Dragon Quest IX

Not much is known about Pavo other than it was her choice to come to the Protectorate in order to help other use the Rapportal and she wants to know more about it as well.



  • Her name references to the genus of birds such as Turkeys, Peacocks or Pheasants.
  • In post-game, she is one of the few Celestrians, if not the only one, that does not become a star. She remains in the Quester's Rest.

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