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Pearl is the hero's mother, and Pollock's wife. She protects the house when her husband is out fishing and dislikes it when her son sleeps in late.


Pearl is a heavy-set woman, with black hair kept up in a bun underneath a frilled white cap. She wears a white top under a long navy tunic with a reddish-brown collar, tied at the waist with a white apron. She wears brown pointed shoes.

Official art of Pearl often pictures her holding cooking utensils such as frying pans and wooden spoons.


Pearl is a strong and supportive person who stands beside her husband and son. In spite of her reservations about the dangers of adventuring, she offers her son and the party any help she can - even if it only means spending a night in his old bed. She is used to Pollock spending a long time out at sea and is capable of managing the household by herself. She often chastises the Hero for sleeping in late.

Pearl has a strong set of morals, and so shows an open dislike for her scheming brother-in-law, Pike. She warns the Hero about spending too much time with him. She also has a soft spot for Maribel, failing to see through her charming facade, and remarks that the girl is a good influence on the Hero. Maribel returns the sentiment, and frequently reminds the Hero not to make trouble for his mother.


Dragon Quest VII[]

Pearl wakes the Hero up at the beginning of the game, reminding him about the pilchard harvest. Whenever Pollock goes off on a fishing trip, she makes him a Pilchard sandwich. Despite her uncertainty at her son's adventuring, she ultimately accepts him going on a journey.

When Pollock later is lost at sea after the revival of The Almighty, she refuses to believe he is dead and remains vigilant at the harbor for his return.


  • There is an error in one of her conversations with the Hero. After the player clears the Alltrades Abbey, she says: "You and the prince have been friends for a long time but now you are never going to see him again, to see him again."

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