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Peggy Sue is a supporting character from VI. She is a horse the party encounters in their travels from Somnia.



Being a wild horse, Peggy Sue is strong, but skittish around humans who would try to tame her, having run free in the forest near Somnia for quite some time. The townsfolk of Somnia fear her strength, and so have made tales of her terrorizing the area. In response, the forest is cordoned off.

Little is shown of how the Hero and Carver actually subdue the horse, but Peggy Sue does manage to outmaneuver the pair for a short while. As she is bridled to a royal wagon, traces of nobility surface, and she proudly serves the party throughout their quest.



  • The name Peggy Sue is perhaps an all-too-obvious hint at the horse's true identity as Pegasus, though the connection is not apparent but for one line of early dialogue and the events of the late game. Nevertheless, it is a common name for a female character in Western film and music.
  • The horse's gender is not specified in the original Japanese version of Dragon Quest VI, thus assumed to be male. The fan translation uses "Falchion" as a possible name, which can apply to both genders. The DS and mobile remakes make it clear that the horse is indeed female.
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