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Persistence is a village in Dragon Quest III. It is located in the area of the world map corresponding to North America, and, as such, the village has a pre-colonial theme. Because there are no other settlements on the continent for the people to trade with, the village lives up to its name.


Persistence is a plain village consisting of a few houses and horses protected by a large fence. There is no required reason to visit Persistence, but there are clues given within the village as to the whereabouts of the Bottomless pot, how to use the Echo flute and getting the Lightning staff in front of the well. Because the pot was stolen from the village by soldiers from Edina on a scouting expedition, the villagers are somewhat leery of travellers.

The people speak in short sentences and make a point to never lie, not seeing the purpose of falsehoods. A senior mentions the hermit living on the glacier to the far north and condemns him for using magic, implying the villagers are more suspicious of magic than other peoples. A talking horse with a green mane named Ed gives the player the clue to use the bottomless pot in the shoals in the ocean west of the village. There is a soldier from Edina who was left behind by his comrades several years ago living in the well of the village, undetected by the people. He bemoans his fate and complains that the troops didn't forget the pot.

A man who lived in the village left long ago to start a town in the east field, corresponding to the real life Jamestown colony.

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