Pillar of Pegasus is a tower in Dragon Quest VI. It was built in the Lower World as a shrine to Pegasus, but prior to the events of the game, is has instead become her prison--her body is petrified at the top and is guarded by powerful monsters. The steed's heart still roams freely somewhere out there, but until her body and soul are unified, the entrance to the Dread Realm is out of reach. The forces of the archfiend Mortamor have sacked the tower as well, defiling the sacred place and turning it into a cesspit of poisonous filth.

The Celestial reins needed to control Pegasus are found at the top.

Dragon Quest VI

Dragon Quest XI 3DS and Switch

The Pillar is the second location the Luminary can visit through the altar of reverie in the Echo Chamber. The hero arrives some time before the events of VI, with Pegasus' soul still separated from her body. Talking horses trot about the courtyard, fretting over Pegasus' whereabouts and hoping that she will one day be made whole again. One horse stands before the entrance to the pillar proper and pleads with the party to save its master, who scaled the tower to polish the statue of Pegasus.

Upon reaching the top of the tower, the player will see the statue of Pegasus and the old man engulfed in a bright light, resulting in the caretaker being turned into a monster. After the geezer is defeated, he will return to normal, thanking the party and wondering why the statue would do that to him. Suddenly, the horse that asked for aid arrives to support the rescue mission, and is absorbed by the statue. The resulting monster attacks the party, and once that battle is finished, the horse and old man thank the party once more. Speculating that the statue may have been trying to become whole by taking hearts by force, the geezer wonders what could have caused it to act so malevolently before returning to the courtyard. The Luminary is rewarded with a Mighty Armlet for his trouble.


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