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The Pirate is one of the intermediate vocations first available in Dragon Quest VII. Keeping with the title's nautical theme, they embody the ferocity and unpredictability of the seven seas.


The pirate is toughened by the high seas and a life of banditry. They have high agility and a chance of stealing items from enemies after battle.


Main games[]

Dragon Quest VII[]

They combine the skills of a Sailor and a Thief and requires mastery of both to unlock. Pirates are unique among VII's vocation in that they possess two traits: becoming highly resistant to Maelstrom and more prone to pilfer as they advance in rank.

Stat Changes[]
Statistics Change
Battles to Master 166
Strength +10 Percent
Agility +10 Percent
Guard +20 Percent
Intelligence -10 Percent
Appearance Null
Max HP +5 Percent
Max MP -10 Percent
Mastery Bonus +15 Bonus to Agility
Level Title Learns Battles Needed
1 Bilge Rat Midheal, Squelch 0
2 Deck Swabber Jolly Rager 16
3 Scurvy Dog Coral Grief, Backdraft 40
4 Salty Seadog Defending Champion, Thin Air 64
5 Buccaneer Kaswoosh, Lifeboat 88
6 Swashbuckler Kamikazee, Oomph 112
7 Dread Pirate Maelstrom 136
8 Scourge of the Sea Sword Dance 166

Dragon Quest X[]

The Pirate vocation reappears in Dragon Quest X from Version 6.0 onwards, with their initial level at 50, similar to other advanced vocations introduced during Version 4 and beyond.

Their skill trees consist of Boomerangs, Axes, Bows, Knives, Fisticuffs and Shields, as well as the new Ballistics (ほうげき Hōgeki) skill tree, which consist of summoning static cannons that constantly rain damage to their targeted enemy and flintlock pistols to inflict status effects. Their Coup de Grâce is the Ultra Cannon Holder.

In Astoltia, the Hero can become a pirate upon joining the crew of Captain Madlock, a good-natured pirate that travels the sea in search for adventure, and to get rid the world from the fragments of power left behind by Megoa, an ancient evil god created by Jagonuba.

Spells Learned[]
Level Name Description MP
50 Drain Magic Steals MP from one enemy 0
50 Sap Decreases one enemy's defence by 1 level 2
50 Woosh Damages one enemy group 2
50 Swoosh Moderately damages one enemy group 5
54 Evac Creates a gate that teleports user and their allies back outside of a dungeon. 3
56 Snoop Displays the locations of glitters and unobtained treasure chests on the map 2
58 Kasap Lowers one enemy group's defence by one level each 4
62 Acceleratle Shortens the party's action interval for 120 seconds 4
65 Kaswoosh Majorly damages one enemy group 12
69 Kaswooshle Severely damages one enemy group 16
74 Coral Grief Damages one enemy and its surrounding allies with a torrent of water 20
80 Maelstrom Creates a huge stream of water that damages enemies within range 24

Other games[]

Dragon Quest of the Stars[]

A Specialist Vocation acquired from a Pirate's Scroll (obtained from the Pirate's Sanctuary) for a character with a level of at least 50 for both the Sailor and Dancer Standard Vocations. Once it reaches level 99, a Pirate can become a Space Pirate.

Preferred weapon types:

Vocation Skill[]
Lv 1 High Seas Shanty Lv 1
Strength +10 with preferred weapon
Lv 5 🔰Ocean Bond
Lv 10 Ability CT cut 3% with preferred weapon
Lv 20 High Seas Shanty Lv 3
Lv 30 Blast Lv 1
Lv 40 Resilience +5
Lv 50 High Seas Shanty Lv 5
Lv 60 Blast Lv 3
Lv 70 Strength +5
Lv 80 Max HP +5
Lv 90 Blast Lv 5

Revocation 1

Lv 10 Max HP +3
Lv 20 Resilience +3
Lv 30 High Seas Shanty Lv 6
Lv 40 Strength +4
Lv 50 Max HP +3
Lv 60 Max HP +4
Lv 70 Blast Lv 6
Lv 80 Ability CT cut 1% with preferred weapon
Lv 90 Max HP +3
Lv 99 Luck +5

Revocation 2

Lv 10 Max HP +3
Lv 20 Resilience +2
Lv 30 High Seas Shanty Lv 7
Lv 40 Resilience +2
Lv 50 Max HP +3
Lv 60 Resilience +2
Lv 70 Blast Lv 7
Lv 80 Resilience +2
Lv 90 Max HP +3
Lv 99 Luck +5

Revocation 3

Lv 1 🔰 Applause On Deck
Lv 10 Max HP +3
Lv 20 Resilience +2
Lv 30 High Seas Shanty Lv 8
Lv 40 Resilience +2
Lv 50 Max HP +3
Lv 60 Resiience +2
Lv 70 Blast Lv 8
Lv 80 Resilience +2
Lv 90 Max HP +3
Lv 99 Luck +5
Vocation Bonus[]
Lv 60 Stun resistance +5%
Lv 70 Resilience +5
Lv 80 Critical Hit and Runway magic potency +7%

Dragon Quest Walk[]

In order to become a Pirate, the party member must first reach level 50 on the Warrior and Thief.

Preferred weapon types:

Notable Pirates[]


Other languages[]

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