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The Pirates' Den (formerly House of Pirates) is a location in the Overworld of Dragon Quest III. It is home to a band of pirates who are only present at night. The house sits on the South American continent near what would be Argentina in the real world. The Den is the location of the Red Orb.


Dragon Quest III[]

The pirate's den is a simple log house decorated with armaments, with two imposing skulls fixed at the front door as warning to trespassers. There is a garden pond in the center of the building, along with barracks for the mariners to rest in. The pirates warmly receive the Hero and company, hearing of their mission to slay the archfiend Baramos during their raids. The pirates also claim that they only steal from those who are scoundrels and deserve it.

The captain of the pirates is a woman who asks the Hero if they think it's funny that a slip of a girl such as herself is the ruthless boss of a bunch of sea dogs. If the Hero answers 'Yes', she laughs and remarks that the brassy attitude is akin to her own. She also mentions the location of Lozamii, before asking if the Hero is really up to saving the whole world. If the Hero answers 'Yes', the captain states that they will fail, but if they actually manage to pull it off, then she'll congratulate them herself when they return.

The Red Orb is hidden in a secret basement outside the house, which is underneath a boulder as seen in Reeve. A pirate in the house mentions a red orb, but can't remember where he saw it, meaning first-time players may need to use the Echo flute to learn of the orb's location at the Den.

Remake changes[]

If speaking to the captain with the female hero after defeating Baramos, she will invite you to drink with her and share her backstory. After the first round of drinks, if you say you'd like to live a life like hers, the hero's personality will change to Amazon. If you say that you'll rely on your good looks instead, the hero's personality will change to Vamp. The hero's personality will remain unchanged if you answer No to the captain's questions.


Nearby enemies[]


  • If the Mod rod is used to transform into a monster, the pirates will balk at how stupid the beast is to wander into a den of buccaneers itching for a scrap.