Plain clothes
DQVIII - Plain clothes
Japanese name ぬののふく
Rōmaji Nu no no fuku
Introduced in Dragon Quest

Plain clothes are usually the most common torso equipment in the games they appear in.


Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest II

The weakest armor in the game. It provides a defence bonus of +2. The Princess of Moonbrooke is equipped with it when she joins your party.

Dragon Quest III

Plain clothes (named Cloth in the GBC version) is the most common armor in the game. Any character created at Ruida's Tavern will be initially equipped with it. It provides a defence bonus of +4.

Dragon Quest IV

The plain clothes have a defence bonus of +4.

Dragon Quest V

Dragon Quest VII

Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest IX

Certain characters created with Patty's party planner will start out equipped with these clothes (dependent on vocation).


Plain clothes  Plain Clothes
Defence +2
Buy Price 30 G
Sell Price 3 G
Flavor text A bog-standard bit of kit made of common cloth.
Notes Rarity: Stars1


Dragon Quest IX (DS)
Location Info
Angel Falls buy
Bodkin archer (#007) steal/win, common, 1/16

Equipping characters


DQ9 Warrior IconPriest IconMage IconMartial Artist IconThief IconMinstrel Icon



Other languages

Other languages
French Vêtement simple
German Einfaches gewand
Spanish Ropa de viaje
Vestimenta normal
Italian Abito semplice
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown
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