The original PS2

The PlayStation 2 (abbreviated as PS2) was Sony's second video game console, the successor to the PlayStation and the predecessor to the PlayStation 3. Its development was announced in 1999, and it was released in 2000. Production of the console ceased in 2013.

The PS2 is a sixth-generation console that was completely compatible with the PlayStation's library of games. It also served as an entry-level DVD-Video player. Because of its adaptability, the PS2 was the fastest-selling gaming console in history, with over 100 million units shipped by November 2005, beating the previous record holder, the PlayStation, by three years and nine months.

From its debut, the PS2 has had no less than four revisions, with the first three possessing an internal expansion bay for a hard disk and dual network adapter, allowing access to online and local multiplayer gaming. The fourth and final revision, the PS2 Slim of 2004, reduced the console's footprint, weight, and operating requirements, but integrated the network adapter by default.

List of games

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