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Pluvi Isle is the region south of Hermany region. A shining tree is located on the main island that produces Yggdrasil leaf. The main island is also where Stellestria is buried, as discovered in Quest #149. If you go to the tree while doing the quest there is a plate that says "Here lies the unnamed maiden." If you return after completion, it will say "I will be born again. I must."

A well is located on the minor isle, in which dwells a man fascinating in fungi.

Collectable Resources[]

Dragon Quest IX (DS)
Item Location
DQ9 YggdrasilLeaf Yggdrasil leaf On the tree located in the main island

Monsters in the Area[]

Dragon Quest IX (DS)  
Enemy Gold Exp Drop Item
#046 Metal slime 20 G 4096 Item icon Strong medicine
Item icon Seed of life
#051 Slime stack 137 G 317 Item icon Slimedrop
Accessory Slime earing
#087 Hunter mech 144 G 450 Item icon Iron ore
DQ9BowIcon Hunter's bow
#090 King slime 164 G 600 Item icon Slimedrop
Headwear Slime crown
#104 Mandrake major 128 G 510 Accessory Dragon scale
Bodywear Heavy armour
#105 Scourgette 130 G 500 Item icon Rocktomb shard
Lance Long spear
#109 Giddy gastropog 100 G 580 Item icon Toad oil
Handwear Silver bracelets
#137 Handsome crab 156 G 1350 Item icon Resurrock
Knife Deadly nightblade
#172 Gloomy gastropog 118 G 1400 Item icon Toad oil
Bodywear Spiked armour

Notable Monsters[]

#046 - Metal Slime
Slime Family
DQ9MetalSlime HP MP Attack Defence Agility
4 255 35 256 89
Exp Gold Drop Item icon Strong medicine
Item icon Seed of life
4096 20 G
Note: Gives high experience and has high defense. It has a low rate of appearance a high rate of escaping, so it is hard to kill with normal attacks.


Quest #037 - "Funghi for a Fun Guy"
Location Pluvi Isle - Southwestern island (inside the Well)
Available at Upon arriving at Pluvi Isle
Requested by Gus
Response to Gus
Requirement 3x Item icon Belle cap
Reward Finessence
Magic Beast Horn (if quest is repeated)
Detail Gus, the artist at the well faraway, wants to create a belle cap paradise. He needs you to bring him three belle caps, which apparently grow on the little island in the sea to the east of Gleeba.
Hint for solution List of alchemy ingredients in Dragon Quest IX provides information on where Belle caps can be found. This quest is repeatable.


  • "Pluvi" means "to rain" in Esperanto. This corresponds to its Japanese name "あめのしま", which means "Island of Rain". This name was chosen because there is rain on Pluvi Isle.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Hydrîle
German Humidia
Spanish Lluviaterra
Italian Isola Pluvia
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown