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Pollock (previously Borkano) is the Hero's father. He is also a talented fisherman.


Pollock is introduced very early as Pilchard Bay's finest fisherman, a path that the townsfolk sincerely hope his son will follow. As the game begins, Pollock and his crew are preparing to set out to sea for the village's annual pilchard harvest. He does not begin such a day without snacking on a pilchard sandwich prepared by his wife, Pearl. The Hero must deliver a sandwich to him.

Though Maribel tries to stow away on the fishing boat, she is quickly ferreted out by the Hero and the ship's crew. Pollock leaves port, during which time he brings in a sizable catch. All feast and take great pride in what has taken place. But, something else was also caught up in the nets -- a fragment of stone. Thus does the Hero's quest begin. Pollock is subsequently called to meet with Estard's King Donald regarding the mysteries of this and other fragments. He is summoned a second time as the islands of the world begin to appear.

Pollock has a brother, Pike, who is something of an unsavoury character. Nonetheless, Pollock's hard work usually gets Pike out of whatever pickle he manages to get himself into.

Throughout the story, Pollock provides customary fatherly advice and support for the Hero and his friends.

When Orgodemir seals the world under the guise of The Almighty, Pollock suddenly goes missing while out at sea, sending Pearl and the rest of Pilchard Bay into a panic. Sharkeye and the crew of the Sea Dragon recover him en route to Estard.

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